2017 Winner: 


 Marc Keuschnigg & Tobias Wolbring
 "Disorder, social capital, and norm violation: Three field experiments on the broken windows thesis". Rationality and Society 2015. Vol 27, Issue 1, pp. 96-126.
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2016 Winner:

Merton Award 2016

 Sarah K. Cowan
 "Secrets and Misperceptions: The Creation of Self-Fulfilling Illusions". Sociological Science. 2014, 1: 466-492.
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2015 Winner: 

Skarmavbild 2015 11 26 kl. 11.20.10  Elizabeth Eve Bruch
 "How Population Structure Shapes Neighborhood Segregation." American Journal of Sociology. 2014,  119(5): 1221-1278.
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Honorable mention:
John Skvoretz: "Diversity, Integration, and Social Ties: Attraction versus Repulsion as Drivers of Intra- and Intergroup Relations." American Journal of Sociology, Volume 119, Number 2, (September 2013): 486–517

Clemens Kroneberg (Cologne University) (chair)
Paolo Parigi (Stanford University)


 2014 Winner:

Skarmavbild 2015 11 26 kl. 11.25.38  Javier Polavieja  
  “Socially-Embedded Investments: Explaining Gender Differences in Job-Specific Skills”. American Journal of Sociology 2012, 118 (3): 592-634.

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Honorable mention:
Guillermina Jasso (New York University)
Arnout van de Rijt (Stony Brook University)
Thomas Grund (Institute for Futures Studies and Stockholm University)​ (chair)


2013 Winner:

Skarmavbild 2015 11 26 kl. 11.47.16  Paul DiMaggio & Filiz Garip
 "How network externalities can exacerbate intergroup inequality". American Journal of Sociology 2011. 116(6): 1887-1933.
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Honorable mention: 
Kroneberg and Wimmer AJS 2012
Elizabeth Bruch (University of Michigan) 
Christofer Edling (Lund University) 
Henning Hillman (University of Mannheim) (chair)


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