Past Conferences
13th Annual INAS Conference
May 2021, Online Meeting Format (Tokyo)
Keynote talks:
12th Annual INAS Conference
May-June 2019, Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg)
11th Annual INAS Conference
June 2018, Standford University


10th Annual INAS Conference
June 2017, University of Oslo
INAS 2016
9th Annual INAS Conference
June 2016, University of Utrecht
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Skarmavbild 2015 11 10 kl. 01.01.09 8th Annual INAS Conference
June 2015, Harvard University
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Skarmavbild 2015 11 10 kl. 00.50.51 7th Annual INAS Conference
June 2014, University of Mannheim
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6th INAS Conference
June 2013, Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm
Skarmavbild 2015 11 10 kl. 01.14.21 5th INAS Conference
June 2012, New York
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Paris2 2011
4th Conference of the European Network of Analytical Sociologists
June 2011, Paris
Barcelona Conference on Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms
June 2010, Barcelona
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Torino Mechanisms and Analytical Sociology
June 2009, University of Torino 
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Skarmavbild 2015 11 09 kl. 22.38.16 Workshop on Mechanisms and Analytical Sociology
April 2008
Nuffield College, Oxford
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  Social Mechanism and Analytical Sociology
October 2008
UniversiteĢ Paris-Sorbonne, Paris
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Social Mechanisms
June 1996
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm